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Spires: First Blood Warband

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Spires: First Blood Warband

Box Contents

  • 8 Onslaught Drones
  • 4 Vanguard Clones
  • 1 Incarnate Sentinel
  • 1 Assault Preceptor
  • 1 Pheromancer
  • 14 Infantry Bases
  • 4 Infantry Stands
  • 1 Cavalry Base and Stand
  • 8 Command Cards
  • 1 First Blood Softcover Rulebook
  • Assembly Instructions
  • Path of Conquest Brochure

Product Information

  • Assembly: Required. 
  • Box size: 34x17.5x7.5 cm; 700grs
  • Material: Plastic regiments. Plastic and Resin Characters.
  • Scale: 38mm

Your Spires First Blood Warband has 2 Onslaught Drones Squads, a squad of Vanguard Clones, an Incarnate Sentinel, a Pheromancer and the Assault Preceptor as officer. This boxed set also comes with a First Blood II Rulebook, along with the bases and stands for each of the figures, First Blood Start Play Guide, and Assembly Instructions. While this is a perfect Warband to start your First Blood play, these figures are also ready to grow up in to the Last Argument of Kings mass fantasy battle game.


WARNING: Not suitable for children under 36 months. Small parts. Essential pointed components. This is NOT a toy.

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