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Blackhearts: The Omnibus

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Blackhearts: The Omnibus

A Warhammer Chronicles Anthology

A band of conscripted convicts face overwhelming odds in three novels and two short stories.


This omnibus brings together the adventures of the (in)famous Blackhearts, a group of prisoners led by Reiner Hetzau. Follow them on their action packed exploits through the World-that-Was.


Sentenced to death for their crimes, Reiner Hetzau and his fellow prisoners are given a choice – they can either submit to execution, or work for the very people that have imprisoned them. Forced to carry out the most desperate and suicidal secret missions, all for the good of the Empire, the Blackhearts must overcome Chaos cultists, ratmen, dark elves, rogue army commanders and more. Time and again these rogues are pitted against impossible odds and survive, yet cannot have what they most desire – their freedom.

Valnir's Bane
- The Broken Lance
- Tainted Blood
-  Short stories Rotten Fruit and Hetzau's Follies

Written by Nathan Long

Miniature Gaming

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