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City States: Companion Cavalry

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City States: Companion Cavalry


Companion Cavalry are rather an outlier in the City States forces, mainly because they do not, in the strictest sense of the word, belong to the citizen soldiery army of most armies. The Companions are rather a voluntary force drawn from among the wealthy Oligarch and noble families of the City States. Armed and armoured in the finest weapons money can buy, these impetuous scions of nobility are trained by retired Polemarchs and Aristarchs in the private gymnasiums of the wealthy while their horsemanship is honed in the massive hippodromes that tend to dominate the skylines of each City State. Despite their eclectic training and impetuous nature these horsemen are a valuable enough tool that the City States have diverged from their orthodox army organization to incorporate them.


How they Play:

The quintessential long-range precision tool for every City States commander, Companion cavalry shines when operating deep behind enemy lines. They threaten enemy light regiments and function as rapid shock cavalry—charging, withdrawing, and then charging again!

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