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Cluedo Edition Bundle Murders at Karlov Manor

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Cluedo Edition Bundle Murders at Karlov Manor

Magic: The Gathering Ravnica: Cluedo Edition - 2-4 Player Murder Mystery Card Game (Includes 8 Ready-to-Play Boosters, 21 Evidence Cards, 1 Foil Shock Land, and Detective Game Accessories)


  • A CLASSIC MURDER MYSTERY REIMAGINED—In this unique, Cluedo-inspired spin on Magic: The Gathering there are two ways to win: solve the mystery before your rival sleuths or be the last detective standing
  • PLAY MAGIC WITH A KILLER TWIST—Guildmage Boddy lies slain in his manor and it’s your job to determine the manner of his demise; gather evidence when you deal combat damage, then follow the clues to crack the case
  • JUST SHUFFLE & PLAY—Grab 2 boosters, shuffle them together, and let the sleuthing begin; with 8 ready-to-play boosters (each featuring 1 new Rare card), Ravnica: Cluedo Edition is perfect for 3–4 players but also plays well with 2
  • BORDERLESS CARDS FEATURING CLASSIC CLUEDO CHARACTERS—Draw from 21 Evidence Cards to determine the killer, murder weapon, and scene of the crime; each Evidence card is also a playable Magic card, including 6 classic Cluedo characters reimagined in the Ravnica setting as Legendary Creatures
  • ENDLESS REPLAYABILITY—The Cluedo elements of this box can add mystery to any 2–5 player Magic game; play with your own decks and reshuffle the Evidence Cards for a new case to solve
  • CONTENTS—8 Ravnica: Cluedo Edition Boosters, 21 Evidence cards, 1 Foil Shock Land, 4 Hidden Info Screens, 1 Evidence Notepad, 1 Case File Envelope, 1 Card Storage Box


Ravnica: Cluedo Edition contains 8 ready-to-play Ravnica: Cluedo Edition Boosters, 1 Cluedo Booster containing 21 Evidence cards, 1 Traditional Foil Shock Land Box Topper card, 4 Hidden Info Screens, 1 Evidence Notepad, 1 Case File Envelope, and a sturdy card storage box. Each Ravnica: Cluedo Edition Booster contains 20 nonfoil Magic cards, including all the lands you need to play. In each ready-to-play Ravnica: Cluedo Edition Booster you’ll find 1 new Rare card and 1 reprint card of rarity Rare or higher. All 21 Evidence cards are also playable Magic cards, with 6 Borderless Legendary Creature cards representing murder suspects, 5 Artifact cards representing possible murder weapons, and 10 Land cards depicting locations that may have been the scene of the crime.


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