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Album Pro Small Gaming

€ 20,50 (inclusief btw 21%)
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Album Pro Small Gaming

The TCG album PRO SMALL is the perfect choice for all trading card collectors who are looking for a practical and reliable way of storing their collection securely.
The unique window on the front cover is a special highlight, so you can also put your favourite trading card (size: 65 x 88 mm) on display. Consequently, you can add your own personal touch to the album design. The sturdy hard cover of the TCG album PRO SMALL also protects your collection from adverse environmental influences.

- For up to 160 trading cards
- Includes 20 hardbound, transparent pages with 4 pockets each (interior format: 66 x 90 mm, 2 5/5 x 3 1/2)
- Unique window in the cover for displaying a trading card of your choice (interior format: 65 x 88 mm, 2 2/5 x 3 1/2)
- Sturdy hardcover binding
- Overall size: 200 x 225 x 30 mm

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