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Volterra Frame Graded Card

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Volterra Frame Graded Card

This case is specially designed for a standard Bonfire Grading slab (87 x 183 mm) and offers a first-class option for storing and presenting your graded trading card. The high-quality glass lid allows a clear view of your precious collector's item. The glass cover not only protects your graded trading card from external influences such as dust and moisture, but also gives the case a timeless aesthetic look. The inner moulded insert is tailor-made for a Bonfire Grading graded trading card and is covered in black velvet. The practical magnetic fastener ensures that your trading card is held securely in the case. With an external format of 120×175×37mm, the case can be positioned vertically or horizontally to suit your individual needs. The removable stand makes it easy to present the case in portrait format. Or you can use the prong hanger on the back to hang the frame with your graded trading card on the wall. No matter which presentation option you choose - the frame blends effortlessly into any environment.


• Format: 87x183 mm (specially engraved for a standard Bonfire Grading trading card)
• Material: Material: Glass cover, MDF
• Closure: Magnetic closure
• Also good for PSA Slab


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