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City States: Thorakites

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City States: Thorakites

Box Contents

●    Dual Kit. Contains 12 Plastic Miniatures (Thorakites/Agema, with the option of making their respective command models)
●    3 Infantry Plastic Stands
●    12 infantry Bases
●    2 Command Cards

Product Information

●    Assembly: Required
●    Box size: 30x15x6cm; 300gr
●    Material: Plastic
●    Scale: 38mm

In Game Role

  • Battlefield Role: Mainstay Infantry
    ●    Class: Light
    ●    Type: Infantry


While unmatched in formation combat on an open field, Phalangites and Hoplites do not fare well in constrained spaces and rough terrain. Thorakites are the answer to these problems. Trained to a higher physical standard, but without the rigid formation and drill of the phalanx, Thorakites allow an enterprising commander to exploit gaps and developments on the battlefield that the traditional phalanx would be too cumbersome to address.

How they Play:


Where Hoplites form a stalwart shield wall the Thorakites protect the Phalanx’s flanks and exploit gaps left in the enemy lines. Place Thorakites in your Strategic Stack and combine their activation with a withdrawing Hoplites/Phalangites Regiment. Where the Hoplites/Phalangites withdraw the Thorakites may immediately take advantage charging through gaps in the enemy lines!

Miniature Gaming

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