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The Stack Family

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The Stack Family

On a sunny spring morning the Stack family wants to play outside with their balloon and kite. Could it be that the toy box was not closed properly? It seems the wind blew all our toys high into the tree. Help the parents and children climb on each others shoulders and reach everything before the sun sets.
The Stack Family is a game for the whole family. It is easy to learn, but not always easy to win! Together we think of how to get all the items out of the tree in time.
Through the special and playful design the game is also suited for free play.

Ages:    4+
Players: 1 - 6
Playing time:     10 min
Author: Steven Michiel Rijsdijk & Anne Mijke van Harten

Game idea
On a sunny spring morning the Stack family wants to
have some outdoor fun with their balloon and kite.
Could it be that the toy box wasn’t closed properly?
It appears that the wind blew all the toys into the
tree last night! We help the Stack family to climb on
each others shoulders and take all toys fro

About the authors
Starting from his passion for
cooperative games, Steven Michiel
Rijsdijk founded Sunny Games in
2004. He made a range of
17 cooperative games from Jim
Deacove and other authors available
in the Netherlands. Sunny Games has
grown to be a European publisher and
Steven is active worldwide enhancing
cooperation. Steven is dedicated to
looking for a win-win-win, sustainable
choices and cooperative business
Earth Games and Sunny Games have cooperated since 2004 to make cooperative games accessable to the
European public. In addition, Steven and Anne Mijke developed 5 special, wooden cooperative games for a
wooden toy manufacturer. The Stack Family is a reprint of “Pluk de dag!”, the most succesful game in this series.
Cooperative play is an important
element in Earth Games, Anne Mijke
van Harten’s company. As early
as 2003 she started importing Jim
Deacove’s cooperative games from
Canada, to make these available
in the Netherlands for teachers,
child coaches and therapists. She
succeeded in making “cooperative
game” a common term amongst
these groups. She also published
several of her own games, such as
the GROK card game and the
Uniekies board game.

About the illustrator
Caroline van Pelt is multi-talented,
working with concept development,
illustrations (analog and digital, mixed
media), layout, design, pattern design,
product design as
well as being the mother of 2 beautiful
sons. She can do it all and her work is
characterized by a common
denominator: perfection and originality.

  Dit spel heeft een engelstalige handleiding, speelkaarten en mogelijk teksten op het speelbord.

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