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You Laugh You Drink

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You Laugh You Drink

Discover endless laughter and spirited fun with "You Laugh You Drink," the official family party game by DSS Games, specially designed for those who can't resist a good chuckle. This game is a guaranteed recipe for hilarity, where the funniest person takes the lead as the Joker, armed with 150 cards of side-splitting prompts that will have you laughing and toasting the night away.

Key Features:

  • Joker's Showdown: Dive into the world of laughter as the funniest player becomes the Joker. With 150 hilarious cards in hand, the Joker has 30 seconds to perform outrageous challenges and make others laugh – can you keep a straight face or will you be raising a glass in surrender?
  • Laugh Token Challenge: Laughter comes at a price! If someone in the group succumbs to the Joker's antics, they must relinquish a Laugh Token. The player with the most tokens at the end emerges victorious, while the laughter-filled battle continues until tokens run dry.
  • Unpredictable Prompts: Brace yourself for outrageous scenarios like crotch-yelling and anti-sex PSAs with 150 cards of hilarity. On your turn, embrace the challenge and don't hold back – it's a race against time and laughter.
  • Bottoms Up, Straight Face: Can you keep a straight face when faced with absurd challenges? Whether it's someone yelling at your crotch or delivering a PSA on why sex is bad, the choice is yours – maintain composure or accept the Sip of Shame.
  • Adults Only Entertainment: Tailored for groups of 3 or more players aged 21 and above, "You Laugh You Drink" transforms any gathering into a laughter-filled celebration. The element of surprise, the challenge of composure, and the Sip of Shame make this game a must-have for adult game nights.

Elevate your parties, get-togethers, and celebrations with "You Laugh You Drink" – the ultimate card game that guarantees uproarious laughter and unforgettable moments. Get ready to laugh, drink, and revel in the joy of this side-splitting game that takes fun to a whole new level!


  Dit spel heeft een engelstalige handleiding, speelkaarten en mogelijk teksten op het speelbord.

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