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No Planet B

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No Planet B

No Planet B! is a cooperative game about global warming and protection of the environment. The goal of the game is to lower the temperature on the thermometer to 0 °C while preventing the wasteland from spreading across the planet.


The game is modular and you build the planet differently each time. You choose the starting temperature on the thermometer, which determines the difficulty and duration of the game. Then randomly place lowland, mountain, and sea tiles and add plant and animal tokens to each to create unique ecosystems. Attention! If all the plants and animals in one of the ecosystems die out during the game, it turns into an unusable wasteland.


Each player leads his own group of houses, and the game is played in rounds with the roll of the dice. In a typical round, you roll a die and place it on a specific ecosystem. Depending on the position of the dice, you add or remove plant and animal tokens, or flip them over to gain idea tokens. In the second part of the round, however, all players can discuss the best strategy and use idea tokens to solve challenge cards for lowering the temperature or for special actions on the game board. Severe natural disasters, environmental pollution, greenhouse gases, but also positive events make for a tense game.


The game is simple enough for 12-year-olds to master, but at the same time it is a great challenge even for adults and experienced players. It does not require knowledge of the language or environmentalism. However, it is full of information about the fight against global warming and how to protect the environment.


Number of players: 1-6

Suggested age: 12+

Game duration: 20-60 min




1 planet frame,

1 thermometer,

19 lowland, sea, and mountain tiles,

3 ice tiles,

90 plant & animal tokens,

36 wooden cubes,

1 wooden token,

24 challenge cards,

1 reference card,

1 20-sided die,

Slovenian rulebook,

English rulebook.

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