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DnD: D20 Light BDP
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DnD: D20 Light BDP

€ 39,99 (inclusief btw 21%)
Op voorraad - Levertijd 1-2 werkdagen

This twenty-sided sidekick has a large impact on whether or not your character can achieve what they intend to, and it’s this act of chance that keeps players coming back for more as it creates truly memorable results that can (and usually will) be retold for years to come.

Now, you can show your love for the hugely popular tabletop pen and paper game by having your very own up-sized D20 by your bedside, shining its ‘magical’ colour changing light around your room while you sleep or while you make more characters that you’ll never get around to playing (Let’s face it, we all do it!)

Makes a great gift for Dungeons & Dragons players and is a practical way to show your love for the hugely successful tabletop game.

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€ 15,99
€ 9,99

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