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Game Mat

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Game Mat

ENHANCE Tabletop RPG Grid Mat Campaign Kit - The perfect addition to any map-based RPG for reusable terrain drawing while adding a bit of thematic flair to your group's gaming session. Three carefully designed layers bring extreme durability that will outlast competing DnD battle maps. The top layer consists of a dry-erase surface that makes beginning a new storyline as easy as wiping with the included eraser (use and fill the spray bottle with clean water for more thorough ink removal). The high-resolution parchment print is reinforced by the playmat's backing layer to protect against peeling or lifting, which leads to ridging and impossible-to-erase stains in other erasable mats. A grid mat kit can't be equally complete for both Masters and newcomers without a protective Battle Scroll Case. Not only does it secure your map, but does so with a thematic appeal that we bet you'll appreciate.

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