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Inferno X Turbo Shift - Collab with Turbo Dork

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Inferno X Turbo Shift - Collab with Turbo Dork

Box Contents

  • 1 Inferno Automata
  • 5 20ml bottles
  • 1 Silver Fox
  • 1 Shell Shocked
  • 1 Cartridge family
  • 1 Ground is Lava
  • 1 Forrest Flux
  • Assembly instructions included

    Turbo Dork and Conquest collaborate for the first time on a boxed set that is ready to paint and play. The Dweghom Inferno Automata are noted for their incandescent bodies that can hurl themselves across the battlefield with great speed. Their unique look lends them to a gorgeous finish with these uniquely chosen Turbo Dork paints. The team and Turbo Dork and the lead painter at Conquest conspired to create a fresh look at these Brutes. The bright shine of the paints bring these fearsome warriors more to life for a completely new look on the battlefield - or as a beautiful new piece in your painted model collection. 

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