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Pac-Man: The Card Game

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Pac-Man The Card Game

Ah, PAC-MAN. The iconic yellow character who loves to eat dots and avoid ghosts. Many an afternoon has been spent zipping around a neon maze in a bid to beat the high score.

Now, you can recreate that retro arcade energy (and maze-chasing fun!) at home, with PAC-MAN™: The Card Game!

The aim is simple: collect PAC-DOTS and fruit, use power ups, and avoid the ghosts to win. At 20 minutes per game, it’s bite-sized family fun you can break out around the table.

Begin with the Level 1 deck. Then, when you’ve mastered that, level up to Level 2. Got more than 5 players? Combine the decks to unlock the Bonus Level!

Whoever manages to avoid Blinky, Pinky, Inky, and Clyde will compare scores at the end of the game. You guessed it: highest score wins! 2-8 players.

Each PAC-MAN™: The Card Game contains:

  • 108 Cards

  • 2 Decks

  • 3 Ways to play

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