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Truth or Dare Pong

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Truth or Dare Pong

TruthDare Pong is a new lightweight, portable, inexpensive, convenient way to play the game of bear pong with oversized fun! Each game features classic play with extra-large excitement. You can play it at home, in your backyard, at your tailgating party or at the park.


Specialized cups are being used in our beer game, which fit snugly and protect your liquid from the nasty ball. A challenge card is already included in each cup, guaranteeing that just about everyone at your party participates. There are no longer spaces between cups, which means faster games and more pleasure


TruthDare Pong is played in the same way as any other beer game until someone scores. The opponent must take the ball out of the cup, then the challenge, drink the beer and either answer a truth question or perform a dare. In case you do not want to say or do what the card indicated, you can take a drink.

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