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Dark Souls: The Card Game

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Dark Souls: The Card Game

A fast and tactical deck evolution game set in the Dark Souls universe

Explore a dark and dangerous world. Defeat deadly enemies. Earn precious souls and treasure. Buy powerful upgrades. Build an unbeatable hand. Then take on the main boss—or *bosses*.

Work together

Your survival depends on your strategy. As you explore, you'll face random enemy encounters that you can work together to win.

Die together

Succeed, and you'll earn treasure and souls for your party's loot pile. The further you go, the bigger the pile grows. But if even one of you dies, you lose it all.

Build your deck with powerful new gear

You'll need a strong hand to face the bosses. Rest at the bonfire to spend your souls on upgrades and seed your deck with powerful gear. Just like in the video game, there's a wealth of items to discover.

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