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Feldherr Foam Set for Gloomhaven (3 parts)

€ 39,99 (inclusief btw 21%)
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The popular board game Gloomhaven comes with hundreds of small parts – time to get organized with our foam set for Gloomhaven so you don't run into the danger of losing any vital components.

The set is compatible with the first, second, third and fourth edition.
Three custom inserts allow you to clearly organize and safely store your game components. One insert is reserved for cards, Sheets, Sealed Envelopes and HP/XD-Dials. Two inserts will hold all the Tokens, Discs, Standees and Plastic Stands.
The set is meant to be stored next to the Character Tuck Boxes inside the original game box. Organized thus, all components will fit like a glove.
Includes a matching foam topper. The topper is laid on top of the inserts to ensure that all components stay in place - at all times.
The larger game components like the rule book, the scenario book and the map boards are placed on top of the set.

The Set contains:

1 foam insert with 12 compartments for Sheets and cards (CEMEGY080BO)
1 foam insert with 36 co

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