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Dutch Open Series Qualifier

Dutch Open Series Qualifier

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Dutch Open Series Qualifier: Modern
Middenwaard 24-B, 1703SE Heerhugowaard
At the end of the year, for each Dutch Open Series Qualifier, people will gather points for the Players Championship.
The winner of a DOSQ will receive an invitation to a Dutch Open Series event including 1 bye.

Sunday 30th of June

The Mox spellen store opens at 11.30, the tournament starts at 12.00 hours.

Mox spellen
Middenwaard 24B
1703 SE Heerhugowaard
(You can find us on the outside part of the shopping mall Middenwaard.)

Public Transport:
It is a 12 minute walk from the train station Heerhugowaard to Mox spellen.
If you arrive by car, the parking costs are €2,- a day. Use parking location P1 (located in front of the store).

Capacity: 36
Catering: We give each player one free broodje kroket for lunch, (If there are medical/personal reasons why you can not eat meat or bread please tell us)
We have free coffee and tea.
We sell soda, candy bars, sausage roll and frikandel roll.

Rules: Competitive, deck registration
Format: Modern
Seatings / pairings: We will be using printed pairings.


When up to 16 players: 4 rounds Swiss + Top 4
When up to 32 players: 5 rounds Swiss + Top 8
32+ players: 6 rounds Swiss + Top 8

the entrance fee is €15,-

We will start the tournament if we have 10 or more players.

For each player two boosters from the previous set will be placed into the prize pool wich will be rewarded to the winners.
When there up to 16 players, we reward the top 4.
When there are 17 players or more, we reward the top 8.

Prize pool setup is as followed:

32 players:
1st: 16 boosters + Dutch Open Series Invite & 1 bye
2nd: 16 boosters
3rd: 8 boosters
4th: 8 boosters
5th: 4 prize boosters
6th: 4 prize boosters
7th: 4 prize boosters
8th: 4 prize boosters

24 players
1st: 10 prize boosters + Dutch Open Series Invite & 1 bye
2nd: 10 prize boosters
3rd: 6 prize boosters
4th: 6 price boosters
5th: 4 price boosters
6th: 4 price boosters
7th: 4 price boosters
8th: 4 price boosters

16 players
1st: 10 price boosters + Dutch Open Series Invite & 1 bye
2nd: 10 price boosters
3rd: 6 price boosters
4th: 6 price boosters

We will need you to preregister for this tournament.

Ticket via https://www.moxspellen.nl//product/81/1393/

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